Why Changing Mindset Is Challenging

Not understanding the holistic components and their relationship to one another is why changing the mindset is challenging.

Why Changing Mindset Is Challenging

When we talk about changing mindset and why that can be so difficult, it’s because often we think logic, and logic independent of any other thing. So, mindset equals the way you think, or the way you perceive things and, what we’re missing in that equation.

What my mentor shared with me this week, was that we actually have to connect the thought, the logic, to a feeling, to something impactful. And so often, when we talk about how difficult it is to change a mindset, it’s because we’re not connecting to the feeling associated with having a shift in that mindset.

A simple example is like when you’re trying to drink more water. My husband’s going through this now. He wants to try and drink more water. He’s having a challenge and not feeling up for it. But when he drinks the water, he talks about how it doesn’t taste good. And so now his mindset is really focused on the taste and the feeling that he’s getting in that moment about his not wanting to change it. So even though his desire is to drink more water, logically, he knows he has to drink more water to attain that goal. But when he’s actually drinking the water, the feeling that he’s getting isn’t motivating him to continue to drink. And so, if he, even if it’s fake for a little while, says, “Hmm, this water tastes good”, or puts something in the water that helps him take a baby step forward, now the feeling changes and attaches to the logic a lot easier, making the mindset change easier to do.

The other thing is, a lot of people talk about the duration, or the subconscious / conscious brain. It takes from 30 to 90 days to change a habit. So mindset is really about habit changing. And going from the current mindset that you have, a particular belief in this case, about drinking water, to the new one that you want.

The same applies in business with teams. If you have a certain thought around how a team can look, or how your business can look, and you don’t connect that logical part to the feeling that you want to have with it, it can be a lot harder to shift. So then, what happens is our brains start looking for evidence and if you’re feeling like something isn’t working or connecting, you’re going to start looking at that evidence. I had a client who kept telling me the evidence she would see to validate her point. And I said, “Well, if your brain is constantly looking for that point of validation, then you’re never giving yourself a chance to look at the other side of the evidence.”

So if we start changing the mindset, connect it to a belief, and then start looking for the data associated with that shift, you’re going to be able to change a lot faster than just trying to do it logically.

why changing mindset is challenging

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why changing mindset is challenging