Who we are

We exist to help your business lead with integrity & influence, to create real impact in the world.

Guiding Principles

Our Vision

Sustainable and equitable business ecosystems where leadership, diversity, wellness, and psychological safety are foundational.

Our Mission

Simplify the complexity of business. Make it fun, simple and easy, where purpose and people matter. Create healthier foundations while making a profit that contributes to a massive ripple effect of positive change.

Key Goals

Our Philosophy

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Our Approach

Creating new ways of doing business, cultivating accelerated creativity, innovation & impact

Our results-driven holistic method not only focuses on your vision and strategic direction, we also want to help you bring your vision to life so both business and team are set up for success. We get to the root of what makes your business unique so that solutions are sustainable and co-create the experience with you based on where you are today, where you came from, and where you want to go.

We leverage design systems and possibility thinking principles to create exponential growth in the process.

Bring more intention to your decisions, play with the levers that will get you the most leverage,
maximize resources, optimize for scale and achieve exponential growth results.

We stretch you and your team beyond what you think is even possible.

Meet Our Team

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Anna Forbes

Creating purposeful disruption that drives bold transformation.
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Anna Forbes is a business builder, strategic integrator, and the founder of Smooth Consulting. Known for her authentically edgy, yet fun and compassionate style, Anna is on a mission to redefine the way we design and work in business in favour of more sustainable and equitable ecosystems where leadership, diversity, wellness and psychological safety are foundational.

Grounded in over 16 years of hands-on experience in growth businesses, Anna leads strategic expansion, operational excellence, project delivery, and builds high performing, diverse teams in corporate, agency and entrepreneurial environments.

Her expertise enables leaders to creatively grow their business, implement the systems needed to scale and empower engaged and collaborative teams that drive results. She is a courageous leader and strategic thinker who creates purposeful disruption that drives bold transformation.

Anna’s experience in financial services and fintech, marketing technology, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and cannabis helps bring a breath of knowledge and cross-sectional perspective that enables creativity and innovation across multiple industries.

Laura Dal Farra

Business manager

Business Manager extraordinaire, Laura ensures our strategic plans come to life. She is our marketing guru and administrative specialist.

Zeerak Hassan

Customer Experience Intern

The newest addition to our crew! Zeerak is our Customer Experience Intern and is helping to improve our customer experience and expand our tools and resource library.

Adrian Forbes

Office Manager

A very versatile member of our team – Adrian’s role ranges from photographer to personal chef to facility manager.


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