What Support Is Important for Entrepreneurs

Do you feel stuck? Find out what support is important for entrepreneurs in this blog.

What Support Is Important To Entrepreneurs?

We, as individuals, no matter what effort we put in, sometimes get stuck. And a lot of people use that word stuck…do you feel stuck? Do you feel stuck? And it can be an abstract concept. But when you’re stuck, it feels like you’re stuck. As a scaling business owner myself, I’ve been in that spot where I don’t personally have the tools or resources to get myself out of that situation.

I like driving and using car examples. If your tire gets stuck in a bit of mud, where it spins, if you are by yourself, and you don’t have either the knowledge of how to use the gear system to get yourself out or it’s beyond that part and you need something like a shimmy or something to get the tire out to get some grip, sometimes that requires the tow truck person or the next helper or the tool that’s needed.

And so the same thing in business and in life. We often put so much pressure on ourselves to know it all and to be able to keep going, and the people that can do that are amazing, but there are some times where we can’t, and I think we overlook help. It doesn’t feel good sometimes to ask for it because it can mean a lot of things. There are feelings attached to it: maybe we’re failures, or we feel weak, or we’re not good enough.

So it really tests our resolve, but if we shift that to help, it really allows us to do what we’re not able to do ourselves and gives us a perspective that is different. We can now start thinking about what help actually works.

And so even when I talk about when to hire a coach or consultant or what to consider in that equation, when you can start thinking about one, acknowledging that you need some support, and then ask, what is this type of support and kind of play with, is it that you need someone to execute some things and so then a VA or a person who can do whatever the task is? You hire that person. Or it’s, I actually need more mentorship support. And so then a coach or consultant, or combination of the people in your group, a support system as an entrepreneur is also your therapist, your mindset support is also your personal trainer, is also these other people.
As the leader of the organization or the entity, even if you’re a solopreneur, the buck stops with you, the energy stops with you. And so the more energy that you have, the more that you feel confident and happy, and you know that your lifestyle is mirroring what you actually want out of the experience, then you can start to bring in the people that now can actually get you to that next level, whatever that may be.

So I encourage you to think about what is that next level for yourself, and what is in the way of you getting there. If you are feeling stuck, then there is absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, it’s important for you to go get the support that you need, but I encourage you to think about what kind of support it is. Use your resources because it’s a lot of time.

When I have new clients come to me, I express that it’s a big time commitment. It’s an energy commitment because it’s not just the time that we’re meeting, it’s also the time in between for them to do the tasks associated with the progress that they want with the results. So if you want results, you need to put in the work. That applies to a lot of things. It’s not about working hard. It’s about working smarter. And that’s what a support team allows you to do.

What support is important for entrepreneurs

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