A Holistic Approach to Business

Taking a holistic approach to business allows you the clarity to build your business as you envision it by utilizing all of the nuanced pieces in a harmonious way.

A Holistic Approach To Business

I love challenging the status quo, it’s been a hobby of mine my whole life – from my parents, challenging them about my hair, tattoos that I have on my body and career choices. So often, the world we live in, we talk at people and…do it this way and do it my way. And I’m staring at my library books that say, this is the gold standard. And then this is the gold standard. And often we read these things, or we hear from people who say their way is the right way. And we can’t figure out how to fit that into our world.

And so what I love doing, is the reason I take a really holistic approach, is because I was that person where all these ways of being didn’t work for me. And I had to really piece things together for myself to come to this point that I’m at. You know, who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? What do I want to look like? What type of work do I want to do?

There’s a lot of questions that we get bombarded with. And as you get older, why do you… for the longest time I was someone (who) didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up. And on some levels, I’m curious to see what comes out because I’m here now and I’m loving the journey. And I don’t know where this is going to take me.

I hear so many people, that people did this to me, when I started out in my business, pick one thing and stick with it and just do that. And, you know, I tried that. And it didn’t work, because I was denying the other aspects of myself. I’m creative. I’m an artist, I am an artist, I don’t know if I can call myself an artist, but I’m definitely artistic. And I need those other outlets. I also love business. And I also love creating systems and structures for people.

And so there’s a little bit of a variety of what I do, and a variety of pieces that if I deny one, it’s actually hindering the other. And so that’s what I love doing with my clients, whether it’s their life and their career, and they’re not sure how to navigate the next steps, and they’re disappointed, they feel like they haven’t completed something by certain time, we maneuver it into a way that’s more empowering and open, opens them up to opportunity.

What is different is, instead of other people dictating the opportunity for us, it’s the person now feels more confident deciding for themselves. And so they have that clarity to move forward instead of being at other people’s mercy and other people’s whims. And in saying the same thing in business, oftentimes, it’s not just one thing, it’s a combination. So having a strategy that allows for business growth, then combined with your operational strategy, your leadership strategy, your holistic company strategy, in terms of the structure, allows these nuanced pieces to come together in a beautiful way as opposed to a very linear approach.

Sometimes we think things are linear, and they’re not. Unlocking different pieces allows us to move forward more exponentially than we ever thought possible. And that’s what I love doing. I love playing in the excavation phase, really digging through what beliefs and things are already in play that perhaps are actually blocking us from moving forward and creating that next step. And then once we’ve kind of thrown the sand out of the sandbox, a little bit is bringing back in what works and leaving what doesn’t, and creating something that’s a lot more manageable and usable for each person.

a holistic approach to business

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