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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, and some we made up on our own. If you don’t see the answers to your questions, just let us know.

One of the first things we do is determine your goals for the engagement - you are the owner of your goals, we're here to support you in achieving them. If growth is a focus for you, we encourage you to plan accordingly and we will support your efforts by assessing your plans, incorporating additional opportunities, identifying any blind-spots, and optimizing the approach. The 'recipe' for growth is really a combination of your energy (and team energy) + beliefs + strategic action...where people get tripped up is when they're spread too thin, don't have clear focus or haven't acted on their growth potential.

We're fortunate to have worked with those who are ready and willing to put in the work - while all transformations are different and unique, every client has grown exponentially with a game plan to keep going. Results vary business to business, and leader to leader. This is a very customized experience and we work with what you already have in place + your desired outcomes. If you want to move quickly, we're not here to slow you down, however there will be an element of slowing down to speed up so your foundations are set properly from the beginning. This also helps you avoid money + time + energy + effort + resource leaks.

Once the Engagement Letter is signed and Payment is received, you'll get access to the Business Intensive Questionnaire that contains the prep questions for our Kick Off - We encourage you to carve out quiet time to review and respond as intuitively as possible. Estimate:1-2+ hours. Then, the Kick Off (90 min) usually goes a full 2 hours...we let it flow vs hard stopping. This session usually uncovers focus areas and opportunities, ones you may be aware of, and often ones you are not. Typically there are 4-6 'action items' that come out of the session; a mix of personal + business reflections and necessary baseline work to align all the plans. Estimate 20-30min per item depending on your work speed, clarity and confidence with each task.

From there, we meet every two weeks. These sessions are booked for 1 hour and typically wrap up by the 90 min mark (again flow vs forced stop). You'll receive another 4-6 action items out of this. The 'extra' comes between sessions. We offer unlimited support and ask for mutual professionalism. Email is best used for strategic feedback and input with more lead time (e.g. scenario questions, documentation reviews, etc), Whatsapp is best for more immediate questions or conversational support. All things considered, estimate a minimum of 8-10 hours each month....more depending on how much you want to work on and how quickly you move through everything.

We have this special ability to get to the root of what makes you and your business unique. Our consultative coaching style is grounded in hands on experience from having built and led high performing, diverse teams in growth businesses for over 16+ years. Our approach is different from traditional consultants in that we work with you, and with what you already have in place before changing/adding/recommending anything. Our mission is to enable you and your team to become more autonomous and while we would absolutely love to grow with you, as you grow, our priority is to give you all the tools and resources you need so you can do it yourself moving forward. You also benefit from practical coaching, which isn't typically offered with traditional consultants who often come in, share their recommended model, and leave you to figure out how to implement it within your company. Plus, we're here to create relevant connections for you and your business to help you achieve the goals we set out together. Our approach is also very holistic as we use a combination of academic + real, practical experiences + personal alignment components in as much or as little as you're comfortable exploring. We pride ourselves on practicing what we teach, so if we're recommending anything it's because we have experience doing it ourselves. We also run a scaling business, along with another startup so we can relate to where you are now, and because of our extensive careers, we know how it's done at large and enterprise scales of business...so we get to play in whatever scale you want to grow into! We also promise to make this as fun, simple and easy for you!

We're so glad you highlighted this key goal for you - as growth strategists, knowing the numbers is one of the key pieces of information that helps to understand the inner workings of a business. It's not just about revenue, but also how the money is being allocated that unlocks the magic. We come from an operational background so finding the leaks, and understanding the big picture is a strong skill set of ours! We can absolutely explore your financials, in fact we encourage it. While we are not financial planners/analysts/experts, we're quite comfortable and familiar with establishing baselines (e.g. P&L, forecasting) and have the templates you can leverage if you don't already have something established, or leverage whatever tools work best for you/team. Money is energy and we need to honour the flow that is already in play for you today and assess the financials to create a framework that allows for better decision making. If we recommend anyone, it is only after first assessing your own + your team's skill set and capabilities. The 'bonus' by working with us is if you do need someone, we have a trusted network of professionals to lean on. We also take into account your style and approach before recommending anyone.

It's one of our most favourite things to work on because we've built and grown teams most of our careers and we love helping put the puzzle pieces together that will have the biggest impact on your company culture, and business needs. Some people ask us if we have a background in HR, and while we've worked alongside HR professionals, we come from the business aspect of hiring and building teams, and we know what often gets overlooked when it comes to hiring efforts, which is a costly exercise to undertake in your business...and even more so when not done well.