Drive profitability, productivity and engagement with integrative strategies for scale.

Smooth Consulting

Simplify the complexity of business and make it fun, simple and easy

Our bespoke strengths-based consulting integrates your vision, values, and team culture with possibility and design systems thinking principles to accelerate growth. We combine best practices with process optimization to streamline production and create opportunities for creativity, innovation and increased impact.

Clients who experience exponential results typically work with us for 6 to 9 month engagements.


Our Expertise

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What you can expect from our typical workflow

Deep Discovery

First we determine your immediate and future goals.


Next we define your strategic priorities for immediate action to drive the business.


From there we’ll refine the strategic direction and create a strategic roadmap.


Then we’ll help you integrate it all to optimize your implementation and results.

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Start Up Strategies

For business building entrepreneurs and emerging small business

You are committed to building the business. You’re generating revenue but overwhelmed by where to focus your limited time and resources to maximize your results. 

We will help you:

What made the biggest difference was going into sales conversations with complete confidence in my business, and the processes to prove it. I also recognize how much I can set the tone for the kind of culture I want for my company. Anna’s influence, whether by connecting me with people in her network, or talking about her own experiences, really pushed me. Working with Smooth Consulting will show you how and give you all the tools to get there. You may just be surprised by what you can do!

How We Helped

After 9 months, the team surpassed their monthly average revenue by 248% and exceeded their monthly goal by 79%, an increase of…

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We defined Robyn Henke’s overall strategy and service offering, aligned Robyn’s sales and marketing practices, designed the team Robyn needed to scale, outlined the processes and tools needed and stretched Robyn’s leadership capabilities and skills.

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Scale Up Strategies

Ready to Scale – for small to medium sized companies

You established value in the market and your business is ready for expansive growth.

We will help you:

It’s was a creative exploration process looking at the direction of Roots & Rivers, how are we bringing value to the clients and creating a working dynamic where everyone is working their best.

How We Helped

We focused on Annelies’s  strategic plan, creating a framework for better decision making, and staff & structure.

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Leadership Strategies

For spirited leaders, change makers, disruptors and trailblazers

You are ambitiously, results-driven with entrepreneurial spirit looking to navigate the world of business.

We will help you:

I learned to think in different ways, lead with purpose and empathy. Now, I make decisions based on my values and where they can make an impact. I also understood to be clear on my goals and what I want for myself and my business.

How We Helped

We focused on Mihaela’s leadership presence as well as communication and influencing skills as a change agent.

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Diversity, sustainability, and global shifts are pushing business into the next wave. Be prepared to do it differently.

Learning to see the possibilities in challenging times requires an evolved perspective and a healthy imagination. You know you’re ready to work with us if you are committed to increasing your impact, profits and growing your team. 

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